Tips For Rebooting the Scanner When Problem Arise

If problems arise during your scanner session, it may be necessary for you to reboot the scanner. There are three distinctly different ways to reboot the scanner. How to choose the correct way is sometimes not obvious, but the correct choice can save you a lot of time.

Rebooting Everything

If you encounter a console crash or other unrecoverable error in the software that runs on the console, your only alternative may be to do a complete shutdown and reboot of the entire system. Crashes like those you encounter on your personal PC or error messages indicating that the reconstuction computer has crashed require this type of reboot.

In terms of time required, this is the most expensive way to reboot the system, since the operating system and the Syngo software must be completely reloaded.

Rebooting the Scanner Hardware and Software

If you are getting an error indicating a problem with the scanner (i.e., not with the console computer), the problem should be resolvable by rebooting just the scanner. An example of such an error would be "Watchdog Error ... blah blah blah ... Reboot Scanner"

Rebooting the Scanner Software Only

This is the fastest reboot, but solves only problems that involve the scanner software.

Updated 5/3/04